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Entry #4

Hey, I'm back!

2011-01-15 06:11:29 by HWFTW

Hey guys, it's me, Mike. Yes, I am back to keep up on the art and animation. I took a break for a while... (awww) but now I'm back! I am creating animations as I am typing this (I have slaves :O) so stick around for more stuff(z).

Hey, I'm back!


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2011-01-22 18:06:49

Welcome back then ^^


2011-01-22 23:03:58

Your drawing reminds me of EddsWorld.


2011-01-27 15:31:51

Your work Statue of Liberty edited and Jeff are the most amazing things I have ever seen.

HWFTW responds:

Haahaa thanks mate ;)


2011-02-23 09:51:23

Why do all of your animations suck horribly? Did you vote on your own submissions? That's pretty sick dude. Your humor isn't funny. It's just immature and ignorant.

HWFTW responds:

Because most of them are very old when I was newer. I have the ability to do better I'm just extremely lazy. But tbh I don't really care what you think so gtfo :/


2011-03-29 11:06:59

Well i bet you cant do better